our artisans

Welcome to Batch’d, home of the best artisans that the UK has to offer. Batch’d finds tasty products from various bakeries; we then combine them with other wonderful items from different artisan suppliers and offer them to our wonderful customers across the country. 

We are so proud to offer bakeries who individually have incredible reputations; shopping with us allows you to access many different treats in one place.


Doboy Donuts

Doboy Donuts, well, what can we say? These donuts are unique, the type of donut that puts to shame any other donut. This independent bakery based out of Leeds creates indulgent doughy goodness in their different recipes.

Vegan options are of supreme importance to the Doboy brand. Doboy is passionate about innovation; these fluffy treats are continually changing with a fresh menu every single month. They also offer a variety of none vegan options, meaning there truly is something for everyone.

Whether you pick a ring-shaped, puddle, filled, vegan, or cream, the same great taste always finds a way to burst through.

Ohhhhhhh boy, it’s doboy. 🍩


Brown & Blond

Founded in 2010 by George and Lucy, Brown & Blond still use their original recipe to create the gooiest brownies found anywhere. Brown & Blond is committed to the perfect brownie, after all they have spent the last 12 years solely focusing on it.

These brownies are a little different from what you find elsewhere; maybe this is because Brown & Blond have an unrelenting desire only to use the best ingredients. Think Belgian chocolate, free range eggs and premium topping. 

As their motto goes, “Good’s Ok, Perfect’s Better,” now that is something we can get behind.

Never mass-produced, never settle for less.


the brownie box

They are made to order every single time. Brownie Box really is the definition of small batch production, that is why we have fallen in love with them. By going for small batches, they ensure every cookie, brownie and whatever else they put their mind to baking is moist and flavoursome. 

Old school recipes with a modern twist, the Brownie Box way. 

Do you know when flavour combinations work? When Brownie Box is involved. We are talking a Red Velvet & White Chocolate Cookie, Snickers & Caramel Brownie… They are just delicious.

Think outside the box, like the Brownie Box.


42nd east bakehouse

Ever had a New York Style cookie product? If you don’t know, you have to get to know ASAP.

42nd East is an Instagram sensation, amassing 36,000 followers. People love how 42nd East can innovate but maintain a premium quality in whatever they make.

The cookie doughnut is a favourite of the Batch’d team; it is doughnut-shaped but with a cookie dough filling. If you are looking for sheer size, look no further than the cookie bowl, a giant cookie with cookie dough on top, followed by a load of chocolate.

42nd East Bakehouse, quite simply not to be missed.


sweet tooth bakery

They are selling the biggest, baddest desserts anywhere.

Like us, Sweet Tooth is a business born out of lockdown, serving the people of Leeds a variety of desserts so good that they have managed to capture the hearts, minds and souls of the city.

For us, while all their products are great, we champion their cookie-based stuff. The cookie pies are jaw-dropping, each with a different sauce sandwiched between cookie dough. We warn you though, the sheer size of the pie means it isn’t for the faint-hearted.

A little tip from us at Batch’d, pop their treats in the microwave for 30 seconds for mouth-watering results.

Oh, what a sweet tooth you have.


sugar rush sweets

The Sugar Rush Sweets journey began in 2019 as a side hustle for two young professionals who wanted to make some extra money to fund travel plans.

By July 2020, The Sugar Rush brand had gone to the next level with a physical shop based on Garforth. 

Sugar Rush deservedly have become a Tik Tok sensation, gaining 157,000 followers and millions of likes. They are that good…

Sugar Rush continues to grow and grow; the reason for this is simple. They produce such an incredible variety of sweets; they offer halal, fizzy, vegan, vegetarian, and a classic bag, all with over 20 different candies.

Get that Rush… Of Sugar