working for batch'd

your destiny is in your hands

With us, the world is your oyster. Being a national brand means there is plenty of opportunity for promotions and flexibility on where you want to call home.

When looking to employ across all jobs, we make our decision based on your suitability to fit into our 8-point culture framework. We also measure performance on our staff’s ability to fit into the company’s ethos.

Our company values aren’t just fancy slogans; they should guide every decision, action, and conversation you have when working for Batch’d. 

1. The customer is always the priority.

Every action taken should be based on making sure the customer has the best possible experience. 

2. Service with a smile, always.

Happiness is contagious; our products fill people with joy enthusiasm builds relationships. Make our customers’ day, every day.

3. Be proactive

Always be the first to engage with customers; never wait for them to speak to you. If you want to change in the company, proactively improve the business. All of us can always be better to lead the charge.  

4. Be kind

Manners and respect cost nothing; you never know what a colleague is going through; we are a family… Support one another. 

5. You control your destiny

Work hard, and the rewards will come.

6. Be honest

Mistakes can happen; own up, learn and improve. 

7. Communication and transparency

Be open; if something is bothering you, then speak out; only then can we all improve

8. Be yourself

We want you to be your authentic self, whatever that may be. 

Fancy joining our team as a retail assistant, email, we will post all other jobs options on here when they crop up.