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How do Batch’d make their products?

We use a variety of different artisan bakeries who all create their products with love, care and completely from scratch.

Where can I buy your products from?

We are constantly adding more locations where you can find our baked goods. You can find a full list of our locations on our locations page.

Where can I find your allergen information?

All of our allergen information is provided on each product page as well as our allergen information page. If you are shopping in store with us, please ask for our allergen qr code.

Can you guarantee cross contamination hasn’t occurred?

All of our products are made in various external bakeries; therefore, we cannot guarantee that any allergen has not been cross contaminated.


Do you have nutritional information?

Due to the fact our products are artisan, the size and weight will always differ from one product to another. Because of this the nutritional information will always differ from product to product.

Do you offer Gluten Free options?

Yes, we offer some gluten free fudge and brownie products, but as these are baked in kitchens using gluten-containing ingredients, we cannot guarantee they are completely gluten free.

Do you have any vegetarian products?

Yes, the majority of our products are vegetarian. Some products are only not vegetarian because of the toppings used.

How long can I wait to eat my treat?

We recommend eating most of our sweet treats within 72 hours of purchasing to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Fudge  will be fine for a couple of weeks, however our Donuts should be eaten within 48 hours to enjoy them at their best.

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If you have dietary requirement we recommend you read our allergen info here.

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