The makings of Batch’d

One day can change everything; for us, this momentous day was the May bank holiday of 2021. The sun was shining, and under our previous name Arrow Fresh, we dived into selling our artisan treats at the Harewood Great British Food Festival.

For us, this Festival was a chance to try something new, engage with the local community, and test whether aspects of our range would work in a physical store.

We love supporting artisan bakers. It means that all of our products are handmade by people who are deeply passionate about what they do, the love they put into the creation of the products means the quality of the product is far superior to mass produced desserts which you find elsewhere. Supporting local artisan bakers is directly giving a livelihood and supporting business to people throughout the country.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Harewood House changed the very face of our business. Some of our products sold, others didn’t, but what was clear was that people fell in love with the idea of supporting and tasting artisan products. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they munched on our sweet treats was a eureka moment for the entire team.

Off the back of receiving such positivity, the future of the business was clear. We became obsessed with the idea of opening our artisan sweet treat range in as many high footfall locations as possible. First up was the White Rose Centre in Leeds, similar to the food festival we were able to smash sales out of the park.

Today, we have kiosks up and down the UK. We may be larger in size, but our values of supporting and showcasing small-scale artisan businesses from all corners of the country will always be the company’s cornerstone.


Our values, offering, and business model are different from what is currently available. As a business, our priority is to find, provide a platform and promote the brands of our artisan suppliers throughout the country. Our strength is the suppliers that we offer.

Promoting these brands highlights small niche bakeries, which helps sell their products across Batch’d locations. We handpick the best small-scale bakeries, each specialising in individual products. Whenever you rock up at any of our stores, you will be mesmerised by the colours, the difference of product, and most importantly, the taste. 

Our range is unmatched; this genuinely fills us with an enormous sense of pride. We only work with the best; whether you fancy a doughnut, brownie, or cookies, you can guarantee shopping with Batch’d give you unfiltered access to the nation’s best specialist bakers.


We are chuffed about our range; rare will you find another sweet treat provider with the amount of variety and colour than at Batch’d. By using different bakeries, we can adapt and evolve the products we offer.

Every product we sell has gone through the all-important taste test by the Batch’d team; we only sell products we genuinely believe are the best of their kind.

Our range currently includes brownies, donuts, cookie-based products, fudge and many more. All these products are from different bakeries with enormous reputations within their area of expertise.

For us, it isn’t enough to offer just a diverse range of products to people. We want everybody to come to Batch’d and feel included. That is why we take our vegan range seriously; we sell vegan donuts, brownies, sweets, and fudge.

As we grow as a business, we pledge to always stay on top of trends, continue to hunt down the best bakeries, and ensure the size of our range is unmatched.


We are a young, vibrant brand determined to champion
artisans up and down the country.







Give you an unparalleled choice over anything your heart desires within the sweet treat’s world.



Only sell products from suppliers who are the best in the game.



Create an environment that puts a smile on your face.



Make it accessible to you.



Highlight who our suppliers are to help you know which local companies you are supporting.


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